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With our consistency and integrity we change the real estate investment world contineously. For our clients and investors alike.

GWCH is a fully integral and diversified company. We invest, develop and manage multifamily and mixed-use assets. We are leading in terms of integrity and fully understand the mechanisms of the art of real estate investing. Thats why we are also refered to as the real estate family office.


Real Estate Investment

We are a direct investor in residential real estate and we advise qualified private and institutional clients how to invest and diversify their real assets.

Market Research

We evaluate the markets we take action in thoroughly. Our associates are trained to detect future urban and suburban markets that will become strategically important in the future.


Greenwich Property acquires multifamily and mixed-use assets in previously defined areas. Our associates are highly trained in communications within the real estate industry.


Greenwich Property is experienced with transactions in real estate of any size in our target markets. Our difference is that we take every transaction very personally.


Real Estate Development

GWCH is a sustainable developer of residential multifamily real estate primarily in Fairfield County, Connecticut. We follow a urban strategy.

Architectural Approach

We are not only driven by yield expectations from our investors. With each and every project we bring value to the community by delivering a outstanding architectural product.

Construction Management

With our network of general contractors and builders we are able to faciliate any new-built or value-add project in our designated areas.

We design sustainable spaces together with our architectural and interior partners. We value quality and sustainability in design within all our projects.

Space Concepts


Asset Management and Portfolio Management

We provide governance over your real estate strategy. Through our integral management we successfully manage our portfolio and advice individuals and businesses alike on their real estate strategy.

Portfolio Management

We follow a dedicated portfolio strategy in order to maintain attractive and highly sought after properties at all times. Through our model of diversification we have a lower tenant turn-over than other firms.

Asset Management

Real Estate is generally considered a safe investment even in uncertain times. But  individual and institutional investors alike are in need of professional management that we provide.

Property Management

Holding real estate does need a reliable property management. We provide that for our properties to avoid a mess with keys or other small issues - we pay attention to detail.


Advisory Services

We advise qualified private and institutional clients - primarily in the financial sector on their real estate strategy and on diversification in North America.


We help to diversify your portfolio by investing in GWCH approved projects. We help you to get the most individual best option for your investment and real estate strategy.

Market Advisory

Investing in new markets is always a exciting thing! But you need to know where investing makes sense and what market can be interesting and corresponding with your ideas.

Tenant Advisory

Moving in a new area in one of our properties? We help you to find the right schools, public transport or public administration. We help you with every thing you might need to get settled quickly and hasslefree.

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