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Real Estate Development


The GWCH stands for quality and sustainable development in the field of residential/multifamily real estate. To ensure the realization of our envisioned urban development we do everything in-house. We are fully integral firm. Our professionals have extensive experience and knowledge about site acquisitions, zoning laws, financing, design, construction management and finding the targeted tenants.

We focus on urban and suburban residential development. Smaller dwellings in attractive communities are most likely more interesting to investors than large, soulless yield-products that have high vacancy rates. Our developments are highly requested projects offered at a outstanding price value ratio. That benefits our residents and investors alike since we have historically low vacancy rates.

Our concept redefines urban living. We implement the modern style of living to key cities for example on Connecticut`s Gold Coast. This cities have attracted business persons for decades but they usually wanted to live away from public live in large acre homes. This changed dramatically. Young professionals prefer to live in the middle of vibrant communities close to entertainment and shopping. We create new community centers in those towns.

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