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Providing access to urban markets for residents alike for qualified investors.

GWCH Realty is responsible for all activities and services regarding to the operation of all properties of Greenwich Property Partners portfolio and development projects.

The team will lease and market the apartments, condominiums and retail/office spaces to potential clients. The professionals executive also specific business plans to enhance and maximize the value of the asset and get best market rents for the rental units.


Being based in the hedge fund capital, Greenwich, the team is designated on delivering best results on budgeting, forecasting, bookkeeping and reporing in accordance with practices and audit procedures. The construction management group will plan building costs, evaluate costs and be in charge of getting construction plans for building renovations or new constructions.


All these skills are integrated in the GWCH knowledge and strategy. Our in-house expertise will be required to deal with complex building and zoning codes and other building related regulation with the ownership of real estate assets and developments in Greenwich, Connecticut and beyond.

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